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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Jambusar Pincode / Post Office Search (VADODARA, Gujarat)

Amanpur B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Ankhi B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Bhadkodra B.O 392155JambusarGujarat
Bhodar B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Bojadra B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Chhidra B.O 392155JambusarGujarat
Dabha B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Dabhali B.O 392210JambusarGujarat
Dehgam B.O 392170JambusarGujarat
Devla B.O 392040JambusarGujarat
Dolia B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Gajera S.O 391810JambusarGujarat
Islampur B.O 392040JambusarGujarat
Jambusar S.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Jantran B.O 392155JambusarGujarat
Kalak B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Kaliari B.O 392155JambusarGujarat
Kareli B.O 393151JambusarGujarat
Kareli B.O 391810JambusarGujarat
Kava B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Kavi S.O 392170JambusarGujarat
Kavli B.O 392180JambusarGujarat
Kervada B.O 392025JambusarGujarat
Keshlu B.O 392025JambusarGujarat
Khanpurdeh B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Kimoj B.O 392170JambusarGujarat
Kobla B.O 392035JambusarGujarat
Kothi B.O 393151JambusarGujarat
Kurchan B.O 392025JambusarGujarat
Limdi B.O 392165JambusarGujarat
Limdi B.O 393155JambusarGujarat
Madafar B.O 392040JambusarGujarat
Magnad B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Malpur B.O 392155JambusarGujarat
Manchhasara B.O 392110JambusarGujarat
Mandala B.O 393130JambusarGujarat
Mangrol B.O 393150JambusarGujarat
Manjola B.O 392035JambusarGujarat
Muler B.O 392140JambusarGujarat
Nahar B.O 392170JambusarGujarat
Nandeal B.O 392015JambusarGujarat
Ninam B.O 392110JambusarGujarat
Nobar B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Nodhna B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Obha B.O 394810JambusarGujarat
Pardi Idris B.O 394115JambusarGujarat
Sambha B.O 392155JambusarGujarat
Sarod S.O 392180JambusarGujarat
Tankari S.O 392040JambusarGujarat
Tundaj B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Uber B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Uchhad B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Vahelam B.O 392150JambusarGujarat
Vedach B.O 391810JambusarGujarat
Vilayat B.O 392012JambusarGujarat